Planned Volumes

Each volume in the Collected Works of Harriet Beecher Stowe will be printed in a hardback
of 500-600 pages, depending on the volume contents. As with Oxford’s other editions,
Collected Works of Harriet Beecher Stowe will also be available by individual or institutional
subscription through the Oxford Scholarly Editions Online series. These scholarly editions
will allow straightforward access to Stowe’s writing, with tools for scholars, allowing readers
to see textual variants and move as seamlessly as possible between text and commentary.

  1. Antislavery Writings:  Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Ed. Wesley Raabe
  2. The Christian Slave; journalism, published letters and miscellany related to slavery and abolition
  3. A Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Eds. Zachary Hutchins, Christopher N. Phillips, and Edward Whitley
  4. Dred
  5. Civil War Writings  (“Sojourner Truth, the Libyan Sybil,” journalism, House and Home Papers, Chimney Corner). Ed. Amy E. Earhart
  6. Civil War Writings, cont’d. Ed. Amy E. Earhart   
  7. Travel Writing  (Primary Geography, Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands, Journalism (e.g. Letters from Europe, Letters from Italy), Ed. Andrew Taylor, for Sunny Memories
  8. Travel Writing, con’d.  
  9. Travel Writing con’d.
  10. NovelsThe Minister’s Wooing, Eds. Melissa Homestead and Ashley Reed
  11. Agnes of Sorrento
  12. The Pearl of Orr’s Island, Ed. Maire Mullins
  13. Old Town Folks
  14. Pink and White Tyranny
  15. My Wife and I
  16. We and Our Neighbors
  17. Poganuc People
  18. Reconstruction Writings  (Journalism, Palmetto Leaves, Lady Byron Vindicated, Men of Our Times), Ed. Susan Ryan, for Lady Byron Vindicated
  19. Reconstruction Writings, con’d.
  20. Reconstruction Writings, con’d.
  21. Poetry, Ed. Nancy Lusignan Schultz
  22. Stories and Sketches
  23. Children’s Stories (Little Pussy Willow, The Ghost in the Mill and Other Stories, Sam Lawson’s Oldtown Fireside Stories), Eds. LuElla D’Amico and Robin L. Cadwallader
  24. Children’s Stories, con’d. Eds. LuElla D’Amico and Robin L. Cadwallader
  25. Reviews and introductions
  26. Religious Writings (Pamphlets and tracts, Footsteps of the Master), Ed. Claudia Stokes
  27. Religious Writings, con’d. Ed. Claudia Stokes
  28. Domestic Writings  (chapters from An American Woman’s Home, Hearth and Home articles, journalism)
  29. Journalism not included in other volumes
  30. Miscellaneous writings
  31. Letters, Ed. Philip J. Kowalksi
  32. Letters, con’d.
  33. Letters, con’d.