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Below is the current handbook for the Collected Works of Harriet Beecher Stowe.

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CWHBS Handbook Sections:

  • Section 6 Abbreviations, Glossary, and Technical Details [MS Word DocX]
  • Section 7 Appendices (in Progress: Contact Eds.)

Bibliography, version 1.01

Designed for the Volume Editors of the Collected Works of Harriet Beecher Stowe and interested scholars, this new bibliography, by General Editor Susan Belasco, is a listing of the first appearances of Stowe’s fiction and non-fiction articles, sketches, stories, serialized novels, and other works published in periodicals during her lifetime. The source files were prepared as a Microsoft Excel workbook (.XSLX) and a Microsoft Word document (.DOCX), which were then converted to various formats to support open access. Also see “Note on Use” below.

Introduction (File Name: Introduction_Stowe_Bibliography_Ver_1_01)

Spreadsheet: (File Name: Stowe_Bibliography_Ver_1_01)

Note on Use of Bibliography Spreadsheet (from Introduction, by Susan Belasco):

The format of this bibliography is a spreadsheet, in Excel Workbook (.xslx), Open Document Format (.ods), or Google Sheets (.gsheet) format, and the default setting is chronological according to date of publication (Column G). Scholars can download the bibliography and then search it as is or sort it by title of article or periodical to create an alphabetical listing.  In the far-left column A of the spreadsheet, each entry has been given a CWHBS identifier—the year of publication and a shortened version of the title.  Each entry has been checked for accuracy and verified either in a print or digitized periodical, and the name under which Stowe published each piece is listed in the Attribution column B. Other columns indicate the title as it appeared in the periodical (C), the name of the periodical D), the volume and issue numbers (E), the year of publication (F), the date (G), and the page numbers (H).  In the far-right columns, sources of the bibliographic information are listed as well as (Column I), and the location of the periodical whether online or through inter-library loan (Column J–see below for sources).  The notes in Column L include pertinent details about the entry and reprint information when possible or readily available, but no effort has been made here to be exhaustive about subsequent printings of individual items. I have silently corrected and sometimes noted discrepancies in earlier bibliographies about article titles, chapter titles, dates, and numbering in serializations, only when it seemed to me that users of this bibliography might need guidance about such issues.  I have not included entries from earlier bibliographies that I determined to be in error, such as Hildreth’s listing of “Order is Heaven’s First Law,” Christian Union 13 (26 April 1876): 336, which is, in fact, signed “By Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher.”  Because this is an ongoing project, I have left some entries incomplete when I felt that further research might locate the correct source, attribution, and publication information. 

This bibliography (labelled Version 1.01) is a continuing project of the CWHBS, and we will update it regularly with new information and sources.  Volume Editors and other users are encouraged to notify us with questions, omissions, and errors at stowecollectedworks@gmail.com .